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SPYPOINT LIVE Cellular Photo Transmission Trail Camera

Product #:  LIVE

The SPYPOINT LIVE trail camera operates just like any traditional game camera but also is capable of being monitored from your home or office computer and also by smart phone. Easily access your pictures from anywhere around the world. The pictures are stored on a distant hosting server, so they will always be available. The full quality pictures are locally saved in the LIVE camera SD card only.

Subscription to mySPYPOINT is required to have a remote access to your pictures and your LIVE camera. An annual fee of 19.99$ (+ tax)/ per camera is charged for the activation of the account and to stock the pictures.

Receive the pictures taken from your LIVE directly into your mySPYPOINT account, on your smart phone (via internet) or in your inbox at home or at work (if the alert mode by email is enabled).

Each day on the electronic calendar will quickly show you the number of pictures taken per day. You can organize your best photos in albums.

Get a complete and quick report of your camera at every transmission.

mySPYPOINT gives you full control over your camera from your home. Each setting is configurable directly from your account such as:
  • Delay between detection
  • Multi-shot mode
  • Wireless transmission frequency
  • Picture resolution
  • Be aware of the battery life
  • Storage capacity of SD/SDHC card.

Monitor day to day, without even going to your site, the animals visiting the place and the food left on the bait pile.

An alert is sent by email if your camera is moved unexpectedly or shocked.

The pictures are stored safely on If your camera is stolen or your computer breaks down, your pictures will remain available on your mySPYPOINT account.

mySPYPOINT is compatible with almost any GSM/GPRS provider such as AT&T and T-Mobile. A prepaid monthly data plan must be purchased from a provider to download your pictures. With a simple data plan as low as 100 MB per month, you can download up to 5000 thumbnails; or 1000 high resolution pictures; or a combination of both formats.

Pay only for what you need! You can select via mySPYPOINT, which pictures you want to download in high resolution.

With mySPYPOINT, the large format picture’s resolution is 640 x 480. This is 4 times larger than the competitor’s format!

  • Dimensions 6.4" x 8.5" x 3.7"
  • Photo quality 5MP
  • Video resolution 640 x 480 AVI
  • Nighttime illumination Infrared - 48 LEDs
  • Automatic infrared level adjustment
  • Trigger time 0.8 second
  • Instant trigger time in electricity mode
  • Multi-Shot Up to 6
  • Time lapse 10 minutes to 2 hours
  • Printed on pictures Date / Time / Temperature / Moon phase
  • External Memory (No internal memory) SD / SDHC up to 32GB
  • Batteries 8 x AA
  • Rechargeable lithium battery pack compatible
  • 12V auxiliary power jack
  • Solar panel compatible
  • Viewing screen 3.5" TFT-LCD
  • Detection sensitivity 5' to 50'
  • USB and TV-OUT ports
  • No standard 1/4-20" tripod mount screw
  • Available in Camo only
Price:  $399.99

   SpyPoint LIVE Cellular Photo Transmission Trail Camera
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